About Us

Welcome to B's Uptown Boutique!


I am so excited to have my own boutique. I founded this boutique in February 2018 after a couple failed attempts at two other clothing direct sales companies. I have had much success in my short time and have to say it is all because of each and everyone of you reading this. I enjoy what I do here and will continue to do it as my time allows.- Abby 

Abby is the owner of B's Uptown Boutique and boy is she busy she goes to school full time and has a little boy that she and her significant other are raising. She quit her job in December of 2018 and opened her brick and mortar store front on January 2nd, 2019. She quit her job so that she would have a little less on her plate while she could run her boutique full time. She is located at 115 E. Main St. Cherokee, Iowa 51012. She is always looking for new trends and its usually a guarantee if you send it to her that she will try to find it and order it in. 

We look forward to serving you here and hope that we can meet all of your fashion needs while staying on trend. Once again we want to say thank you for being here. 


-B's Team-