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Hi, I’m Abby. Welcome to my story and my life. I love the color red, I love winter, shopping for the store for fall is my favorite, I am a simple girl that keeps it real all the time and am an open book.

Glad You’re Here Glamorous Gal

When you have a passion, you never give up. When you have a dream and set a goal, that dream becomes a reality. That’s just what happened here, a simple woman with a dream to stand out. A dream to be different. A dream to make everyone else feel confident and a way they have never felt before. With the biggest motivation being my seven year old son, Bryson. That’s when B’s Uptown Boutique was born and created.
With motivation and drive to make a change and to step out of corporate America to be able to be with my son in ways I couldn’t in corporate America. The dream started in Cherokee, Iowa. I found myself empowering women and wanting to keep growing. That is when after three years I opened my second location in Okoboji, Iowa. That is also when one of my biggest dreams in life came true. I was able to let my Mother leave her warehouse job that was taking it’s toll on her body and mind.
I now only have my location in Cherokee, Iowa as of October of 2022 but plan for a long future ahead. Continue to visit our blog to learn all about us, meaning my mother, my son, me, and my life. Learn where we have come from and where we are going. The real raw truth of us and who we are and what keeps us going, FOR YOU.
We are glad you found us, and hope we get to know you for many years to come, because we don’t just see you as a sale or customer, when you come into our lives you are now our friend.
Much love from us to you, and welcome friends.

Our Brand

We will keep you on trend from your Okoboji attire to your custom items, we will make sure it all looks amazing on you. We strive to stand out and be different. We keep items affordable and classy for multiple occasions.

  • Sunnies

    We only get one pair of eyes so we must take care of them. Sunnies are just what you need anytime you step outside and the sun is out, or even if it’s cloudy. You don’t realize how badly the damage can be on your eyes until it’s too late, so act now and grab a pair of sunnies before you ruin the story tellers of your life.

  • Environmental Friendly

    We strive to find the best products for our store. That includes items that we believe are good for the environment and good for your health. These reusable food bags are perfect for your lunch or even the kiddos lunch. Grab them now and stop using plastic.

  • Feel Better Items

    In store we strive to make everyone feel better. We don’t strive to just make you feel better with confidence of your body and your outfits. We strive to make you feel better mentally and emotionally too. Mental health is a huge part of our story and we strive to include it as much as we can.

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